TP-Link Smart LED Color Changing Light Bulb

Control your home’s ambience with this TP-Link Smart LED lightbulb. Its free Kasa app lets you turn lights on and off or change the brightness remotely through Wi-Fi, and it can be set to any of 16 million colors. This TP-Link Smart lightbulb is compatible with Amazon Alexa for voice commands.

Manage Remotely

The LB130 connects to your Wi-Fi and lets you control every aspect of your lighting from your smartphone or tablet. Whether home or away, you can always make sure your lighting is set the way you want it.

Turn the lights on from your car when you arrive home at night, and make sure all your lights are switched off even when you’re already at work.

800 lumens light output

Efficiently illuminates a dark area.

Mobile control from your smartphone or tablet

You can download the TP-Link Kasa app to dim the light, choose from more than 16 million colors, and set schedules, timers, and countdowns from anywhere you are connected to the internet.

Frosted surface

Allows the bulb to cast a warm white glow.

Circadian Mode

Automatically matches light appearance to time of day by adjusting brightness and warmth as the sun rises and sets. Wake up refreshed and fall asleep calmly with natural lighting.


Tunable colors

Dim brightness and fine-tune light appearance from soft white (2500K) to daylight (9000K). Choose from more than 16 million colors and set the mood to match any moment.




Save Energy

Reduce energy use up to 80% without brightness or quality loss compared to a 60W incandescent bulb