TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb

Light. Your Way

Schedule the LB120 Smart Bulbs around your life and have them to turn on, off, and adjust their light appearance to suit your preference. They can even adjust automatically to changing sunset and sunrise times so it comes on when it gets dark and turns off as the sun comes up.

Manage Remotely

Control your lights from anywhere with your tablet or smartphone using the free Kasa app (iOS, Android). Compatible with Android, iOS, Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant.

Fine-Tune Lighting

With adjustable brightness and tunable white temperature, you can easily set the LB120 to suite your mood. Bright daylight temperatures create beautiful, energetic lighting and soft, relaxing whites invoke coziness.

Voice Control

Pair to Amazon Alexa and to enable voice control

Monitor Power

Track real-time energy used to stay informed


Circadian Mode

Automatically matches light appearance to time of day by adjusting brightness and warmth as the sun rises and sets. Wake up refreshed and fall asleep calmly with natural lighting.

Away Mode

Improve your home security when you’re not there by turning your lights on and off at different times, giving the appearance that you’re home.

Save Energy

Reduce energy use up to 80% without brightness or quality loss compared to a 60W incandescent bulb