Samsung SmartThings Outlet

The Samsung SmartThings Outlet lets you control lights, electronics, and small appliances in your home remotely from your mobile device.

Using the free Samsung SmartThings app, you can set timers for devices plugged into the Samsung SmartThings Outlet to automatically turn on and off based on a schedule or in response to other activities in your home.

Use the Samsung SmartThings Outlet with other products in the Samsung SmartThings family to customize your smart home for more intelligent living.

Samsung SmartThings Outlet

Control From Your Smart Phone

Control lights, electronics and small appliances from your smartphone.


 Trigger Automatic Actions

Trigger lights to automatically turn on when you come home and turn off when you leave.


Power Appliances From Your Smart Phone

Power things like coffee machines, Crock-Pots, A/C units, portable heaters and fans using your smartphone.


Extend the Range of Your Devices

Acts as a ZigBee repeater, extending the range of your ZigBee devices, when plugged into a wall outlet.